Logo Design: Amy Lee-Tai

My regular literary agent client referred me to one of her authors, a great children’s book writer. She needed the whole nine yards: a logo, web site, and business cards to introduce both. Of course we started from the beginning with her logo. Conceptually, she wanted to combine her Asian heritage with her love of books & her writing career. We immediately decided on crafting a visual containing a bunch

E-vite Design: Northern Manhattan Arts Council Summit

One of my regular clients volunteers for the Washington Heights & Inwood Cultural Capacity Project or WHIDC, and I was hired to design an E-vite (an invitation that is emailed) for their seminar, the Northern Manhattan Arts Council Summit. I kept to a simple and modern layout using a thin Helvetica for the font and a collage image given to me by my client.

Web Site Graphics: Video Game Law Book

When I developed the web site for the authors of the Video Game Law Book, I had to work within the limitations of the theme and the lack of full customization abilities (translation: no access to CSS files). Making a header and homepage image was the primary way to make this web site their own without too many visual bells and whistles. For the header, I created a subtle pattern