Logo Design: Amy Lee-Tai

My regular literary agent client referred me to one of her authors, a great children’s book writer. She needed the whole nine yards: a logo, web site, and business cards to introduce both. Of course we started from the beginning with her logo. Conceptually, she wanted to combine her Asian heritage with her love of books & her writing career. We immediately decided on crafting a visual containing a bunch

Logo Design: Identity PR

I was referred to an acquaintance of a former client who initially needed some web editing for her new business’s web site, but she also expressed a desire for a new logo to go with it. She is a publicist in the music industry who has branched out with her own PR firm called Identity PR. As a logo, she wanted something minimally sophisticated that emphasized what her business is

Logo Design: Kung-Fu Girl Books

Visit Kung-Fu Girl Books here. One of my previous clients reached out to me for my graphic design skills to create a logo for her new publishing company, Kung-Fu Girl Books. She wanted it to embody the spirit of the genre content she would be producing; kick ass empowering women. 🙂 So after some brainstorming and back & forth editing, this is the final result. Since this logo had to

Logo Design: Tameka Mullins

Here is the logo I designed for an author with a longtime presence on the Web. She was looking for something that was simple and modern to match her writing style/personality.   I discovered the font I used for the “TM” in my Photoshop collection (Sportrop). I thought the continuous line forming the letters resembled the maze-like lines you would find in circuit boards. Plus, the “T” and “M” letters