Project Description

One of my previous clients reached out to me for my graphic design skills to create a logo for her new publishing company, Kung-Fu Girl Books. She wanted it to embody the spirit of the genre content she would be producing; kick ass empowering women. :)

So after some brainstorming and back & forth editing, this is the final result. Since this logo had to fit on a book spine as well, I designed a girl in pigtails drawing her sword for battle with a cherry blossom in her hair (a callback to her author logo) next to blood-spattered type. I also created another version of the logo for the book spine:

She loved it! For her the logo conveys everything she asked for as a visual representation for her new company, and I was glad to give that to her. On top of that, she wanted to translate this logo into her web site's look, so I made graphics for her web site as well.

Project Details



Katie Li

Project Date:

February 25, 2016