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This was a cool assignment I received a while ago. The idea was to find a wedding gown and then design a wedding invitation/RSVP card set inspired by it. I already knew what dress to use for this project:

I took this photo of a bridal dress shop window in Seville because the dresses inside were absolutely stunning to me. I never actually gave a thought about my dream wedding until I saw this particular flamenco-styled gown with a gold-embroidered ruffled tiered skirt and a tuft of feathers on the waist. I figured that this is something all brides-to-be experience and I wanted to capture that moment in my invitation set design.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to design 2 set ideas based on the gown design and that sentimental context underneath it.

Set #1 aims to capture the moment of finding the perfect gown to usher in the bride-to-be's new life. The invitation is a bridal dress shop window where the woman spots the perfect dress for the first time, with the wedding invite doing double-duty as a pocket to hold the RSVP card. The invite info is screen-printed on acetate, the RSVP card is the watercolor painting and information digitally printed on both sides of cardstock, and the RSVP envelope flap has a large scalloped edge to resemble awning over the "shop window". This set aims to customize the bride-to-be's special moment, so the dress in the shop window would be any design and not the dress in the photo above.

Invite design set #2 is more traditional and focuses on the actual gown design. I take the most prominent aesthetic, the ruffled skirt, and incorporated it into a circle invitation. The wedding invite has the same function here; it's a pocket for the RSVP card and envelope, which are both a simple square shape using script calligraphy and serif font.

These are just specs, but my crafty-sense is tingling when I look at them and I might try and create live samples of each one. Stay tuned! :)

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Personal Project

Project Date:

February 19, 2014