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Visit Kung-Fu Girl Books here.

Here are the header and homepage images I designed for one of my previous clients. She started a publishing company for genre books called Kung-Fu Girl Books. Go here to check out the logo work I did for this company.

The concept was to bring the logo’s theme over to the web site’s front-end design. Her color preference was pink and lavender/lilac, and she wanted to bring over the cherry blossom from the logo too (her favorite flower). For the header, I put the swordswoman on the left and extended the scabbard to place the tagline and sprinkled purple cherry blossoms behind her. The homepage image is serving as a background, so for decorative purposes I made a collage with a single cherry blossom cut out from a book page surrounded by slashed pieces of paper. I purposely used Lorem Ipsum as a design element instead of real book text to avoid copyright issues.