About Me

I am an artist-of-all-trades.

My profession is in web/print design, but I like to go back to basics and work with my hands when things get a little TOO plugged-in and I need a break. I like to paint, draw, do printmaking, take photographs, and engage in some arts & crafts from time to time. Of course, many of these activities are outside of work, so I opened up this gallery space to exhibit my work and talk about things that interest me and perhaps inspire you as well. A place that is slightly less formal than my professional portfolio site and cheaper than a brick-and-mortar space.

What’s great about this gallery is that it’s a living and breathing thing. I could add more to it over time, change the interior look, rearrange a few things, and try to keep it fresh for the viewers.

All are welcome to come on in and explore my creative space with no entrance fees or opening hours required.

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