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A diary of learning how to use sewing patterns and reviewing them.

The Pattern Probe #12: McCall’s M8055 Elastic Skirt

All right, it’s good to be back!

Life can sometimes add a lot to your plate and keep you from blogging. I have been working offline on a few projects from freelancing to crafting and even a few sewing projects.

Here is one that brings me back to basics because no matter how long I’ve been sewing, I find it good to do simple projects for improving my skills.

Plus, knitwear has seriously been trending the last 2 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen knit skirts with elastic waistbands in high fashion selling for hundreds or thousands of dollars a pop.

Thanks McCall’s for ANSWERING the call, lol.

Anyway, so I’m teaching this pattern to some eager beginners and I give this design a hearty recommend for anyone who wants to learn sewing but feel a little intimidated by it. The skirt is super simple to make; it only has 3 pattern pieces and uses an elastic band as closure so nothing complicated to construct like buttons or zippers.

However, use knit fabrics with moderate stretch in them per the pattern’s recommendation, at least until you master it and can handle fabrics with more stretch.

So here are some pics of the A-line miniskirt I made (the shortest length in the pack, about 19 in.):

I went with a pattern size 18 all around to test the fit. For me it was pretty roomy in the waist and the length is nice, but next time I may shorten it JUST a little out of curiosity, lol.

I’ll be making the pencil skirt in the shortest length next to see how that one looks too so stay tuned for updates. 🙂

The Pattern Probe #11: Butterick B6298 Romper

Time for another sewing project!

Actually this is not the first time I’ve used this pattern design. Initially I made Jumpsuit C, the one with the jogger pants bottom and hood, from black ponte fabric in the Large size. Boy that fabric was tough to sew with! Had to learn that one while doing it and my piece ended up being too big on me. I still wear it around the house from time to time though; it’s baggy but comfortable. However I vowed one day to try this pattern design again and get it right.

That day has come. 🙂

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The Pattern Probe #10: DIY Ballerina Wrap Skirt

On Pointe.

Hello Sewers!

For this latest Pattern Probe post, I decided to do something slightly different and make a pattern from scratch by using a tutorial I found on YouTube.

I love buying commercial patterns from the usual folk (Simplicity, Burda, McCall’s, Butterick, Vogue, etc.) because they’ve been doing a great job keeping track of the latest fashion trends and they’re essentially doing all the work for me when making the patterns for the garments. All I have to do is cut the pieces out and sew it together per the instructions, and as a home sewer slowly improving herself every day I couldn’t ask for more.

But lately I am, lol…

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The Pattern Probe #9: McCall’s M7726 Pleated Pants B

Hello everyone!

So that friend I mentioned in my Burda Young 6799 Hoodie Jacket post? She asked me to make her a pair of pants to go with her navy blue/lilac purple jacket too.

Awesome! My home sewer heart loves getting more requests, and after sifting through my online pattern archive she chose the tapered ankle-length pants design in this McCall’s pattern collection with just the belt loops in a navy blue fabric.

No problem! Let’s get to my process sewing these pants…

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The Pattern Probe #8: Burda Young 6799 Hoodie Jacket

GASP! Another Pattern Probe so soon?

Yes, yes there is.

This one was kickstarted by another friend of mine who was interested in me making a dark blue and purple hoodie jacket.

Of course I took on the project! I would not miss a sewing opportunity for something I’ve always bought but never made for myself, much less for anyone else.

This Burda Young pattern from my collection was the final pick (Design B). Up to this point I’ve purchased Burda patterns but I haven’t tried making any of them so this was a ‘right place, right time’ moment for yours truly.

Annnnd off we go on another knit project!

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The Pattern Probe #7: Simplicity 1444 Dance Shorts

First Pattern Probe post of 2021! Already I’m more productive with this blog than I was in 2020 and I was in quarantine too, lol.

Too busy figuring out things to do while stuck at home, I guess.

Anyway, this latest probe into my ever-growing sewing pattern collection was sparked by a friend’s request for some comfortable shorts with a custom phrase on the back. I showed them some options and this one for dance outfits (Letter G) was chosen.

So off I went on another garment making adventure!

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The Pattern Probe #6: Simplicity 8513 Bodysuits

Simplicity 8513


It’s been a minute, in a matter of speaking, since my last post. Not going to lie, I’ve never been very good at keeping a diary in my youth so keeping up with a blog was never going to be different, lol.

But then the Year of Satan 2020 happened, and things have been going crazy all over the place. I’m doing okay with all of it, channeling my anxiety into more useful pursuits. While some people took up bread-baking to keep their minds off of the Troubles, I have found my way back to sewing.

Simply put, I’ve bought a TON of fabric. My basement is starting to resemble a fabric store so I’m diving back into my sewing bucket list trying to be rid of it before I find more fabric to buy. It’s a vicious but pleasurable cycle, lol. 🙂

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The Pattern Probe #5: Simplicity 1253 Pleated Sleeveless Top

Roll mouse over image for closer look.

I know I can’t believe it either. TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY? She’s so productive. 🙂

Anyway, my next Pattern Probe was inspired by my need for more summer tops. Changing my wardrobe for the warmer months made me realize that I don’t have a great deal of them. Plus, I had this great leopard print lightweight fabric I bought for a song because there was only a little over 1 yard left. After going over my pattern collection, this Simplicity one had a sleeveless design suitable for the limited amount AND I haven’t tried it yet, so this was the one I went with.

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The Pattern Probe #4: Butterick B6296 Pajama Set ***UPDATE***

Here’s an update to this pattern probe of Butterick Pajama Set B6296. Click HERE if you would like to read it.

The first pair of pants I made with this pattern ended up too big for my measurements. Nothing wrong with loose pajama pants since they are for sleeping in, but I wondered if using a smaller pattern size would fit closer to my frame. Since my original plan was to make 2 pairs of flannel pajama pants for the colder months, I sewed a second pair using a smaller pattern size:

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The Pattern Probe #4: Butterick B6296 Pajama Set

Happy Spring Everyone!

After a considerable amount of time, I have jumped back into the sewing game by trying out another pattern from my collection. As a newly minted adult, I noticed that my sleepwear options were pretty dismal. Just old t-shirts and shorts I would wear to bed. And with sleepwear becoming trendy outerwear in fashion, I wanted to created more official clothing items to sleep in. Particularly during the colder months, it would be nice to have some flannel pajama pants to keep warm, and some cute pajama sets in lighter fabrics the rest of the time.

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