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This is a project where I make versions of fashion items or outfits I like for myself.

Copycat Fashion #6: Macy’s Square Neck Bodysuit

I’M BACK, was the wait too long, lol?

Well, I just happened to have 2 sewing projects going on at once. The curtains I mentioned in my last post was a detour from a new Copycat Fashion I was in the middle of doing and now I’m free to share with everyone.

This Copycat Fashion project is different from what I’m used to doing. Instead of using one of my tried & true commercial patterns to make something I’ve seen, I decided to copy a pattern from an existing garment and try to recreate it for myself. With fast fashion getting cheaper and smaller in size, I’ve been curious to see if I could take a cheaply made & bought piece and extract its pattern pieces while learning how to construct it. This project I didn’t pull apart my original piece because I already like it and it fits, so this was about me learning how to make it for more copies I’ll enjoy later.

I got this simple short sleeve bodysuit in the Macy’s clearance section for 5 bucks (that spot is a treasure chest of good deals if you have time for the hunt). I love bodysuits in general and the square neckline looked really flattering on me. I’ve struggled lately with necklines so this was a welcome surprise. I like it so much I want to recreate this bodysuit in multiple colors and sleeve lengths. Maybe I’ll even try making a tank top & t-shirt with this neckline, I like how good it looks on me. This is one of the benefits of learning to sew I enjoy.

So here comes the fun part; which one of these bodysuits is the original and which one is the copycat?

Take a guess before joining me on the next page, lol.

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Copycat Fashion Project #5: Kate Moss 2-Piece Swimsuit

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long and great summer for yours truly and now I finally have a few sewing projects to share with all of you.

This is my first Copycat Fashion project in a while and it’s my first swimwear project EVER. Sewing enthusiasts know swimwear is very challenging to make and I just HAD to use a pattern made for woven fabrics to realize this project for extra difficulty, lol.

Join me on my journey, why don’t you?

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Copycat Fashion Project #3: Gap Wrap Skirt


Hello and welcome back to my series Copycat Fashion!

This latest piece is a personal one. I have had this buffalo check plaid wrap skirt for years. I bought it at a Gap outlet for about $10-12 and it has served me well. Of course, life comes in to changes my body, and next thing I know it the skirt doesn’t fit me anymore. Fortunately, I found a Simplicity pattern pack with a wrap miniskirt design that resembled my beloved Gap skirt, so I decided to make a new version that works with my new figure.

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Copycat Fashion: Jean Despres Ring

I saw this ring from 1937 inside one of my old Harper’s Bazaar issues (March 2009). It was part of a blurb on an Art Deco and Avant-Garde jewelry exhibit at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. I thought it looked GORGEOUS and wondered if I could make something similar for myself. I had some leftover acrylic plastic from a previous project and I decided to create a pendant/brooch that looks like this cool ring.

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Copycat Fashion: D&G Graphic Tee

Hello and welcome to the Copycat Fashion Project!

I enjoy fashion; reading the magazines, checking out the various style blogs on the Internet, shopping. 🙂 I find a lot of nice things I would love to get but I either can’t obtain it or afford it. However, I am an artist with some sewing experience, and I thought it would be fun to come up with some of these items for myself to enjoy (and improve my skills too).

For my 1st project, I saw this cool t-shirt in a spread for Elle October 2011 by D&G. I don’t do enough experimenting with typography, so I broke out my screen-printing stuff and decorated a spare t-shirt.

It’s not exactly like the top, but the point is to learn new techniques and break out of the style box. I’m going to have to do this again on another shirt.