Copycat Fashion Project #4: Indian-Style Earrings

This is a piece that I’ve wanted to do for some time.

A while ago I visited a local Indian Food Festival and spotted these earrings at a jewelry booth. They were the most unique pair I’d ever see and I LOVED the opulent look they had so I got them and wore them a lot since.

However the DIY-er instincts kicked in and I was studying the earrings wondering if I can make my own version of this particular style. These earrings are a STATEMENT; the posts are thicker and they can be heavy on the ears without those plastic backs to anchor them.

Could I make a lighter pair? LET’S SEE.

So here are the supplies I picked up from Jo-Ann’s (my happy place AND my money trap):

  • Some beautiful chain connectors – Love the pearl & gold design
  • Semi-thin gold chain link
  • Gold earring posts
  • Miscellaneous sized pearl beads

…and here are the steps I took to make these things…

Overall the process was fairly simple. I first glued the posts to the chain connectors. After that I measured the chain to match the measurements of the original and attached them to the connectors. Then I made the 2 pearl drops: one for the connector and the other for the chain and attached them respectively.

Now comes the finished piece:

I REALLY like how this project turned out. The earrings look great and they feel really light on my ears. Now I have a pair that I’m comfortable wearing all over the place because I can make a new pair if something should happen to them.

I think I’m going to make some more pairs if I can find chain connectors or beads to do the job. Stay tuned!

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