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Copycat Fashion #6: Macy’s Square Neck Bodysuit

I’M BACK, was the wait too long, lol?

Well, I just happened to have 2 sewing projects going on at once. The curtains I mentioned in my last post was a detour from a new Copycat Fashion I was in the middle of doing and now I’m free to share with everyone.

This Copycat Fashion project is different from what I’m used to doing. Instead of using one of my tried & true commercial patterns to make something I’ve seen, I decided to copy a pattern from an existing garment and try to recreate it for myself. With fast fashion getting cheaper and smaller in size, I’ve been curious to see if I could take a cheaply made & bought piece and extract its pattern pieces while learning how to construct it. This project I didn’t pull apart my original piece because I already like it and it fits, so this was about me learning how to make it for more copies I’ll enjoy later.

I got this simple short sleeve bodysuit in the Macy’s clearance section for 5 bucks (that spot is a treasure chest of good deals if you have time for the hunt). I love bodysuits in general and the square neckline looked really flattering on me. I’ve struggled lately with necklines so this was a welcome surprise. I like it so much I want to recreate this bodysuit in multiple colors and sleeve lengths. Maybe I’ll even try making a tank top & t-shirt with this neckline, I like how good it looks on me. This is one of the benefits of learning to sew I enjoy.

So here comes the fun part; which one of these bodysuits is the original and which one is the copycat?

Take a guess before joining me on the next page, lol.

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Curtains for Church

Happy July, everybody!

The summer season has sparked many warm weather-based clothes ideas to keep my sewing machine busy, but instead I began my latest crafting adventure with a surprise home décor project.

My church was in dire need of some new curtains after theirs gave them 20 years of dependable service and since I’m a well know sewing hobbyist they recruited me to make them. I was eager to take on the challenge since I’ve yet to sew anything for interior decorating, especially from scratch. However, curtains are nothing more than large hemmed rectangles with stitched channels for the bar to slip through so designing & constructing them aren’t complicated.

The only thing for a sewer to worry about when it comes to a simple project is all the measurements needing to be accurate and being able to replicate that 3 more times and THAT can get complicated.

Come join me as I regale my adventure in curtain sewing, lol!

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