‘High Expectations Meet Unexpected Realities’

Finished: March 20, 2021

Mixed Media (Burlap, Lining Fabric, Wood Buttons, Apple Wood Chips)

Dimensions: 39 1/4” Long X 22” Wide X 10 1/2” Deep

Figure Sketch
Supplies Used: Burlap, Apple Wood Chips and Wood Buttons
Video Clips Documenting The Artistic Process

Used Pattern Size 16 From McCall’s M7058:

Bust = 42 1/2”

Waist = 35 1/2”

Hips = 44 1/2”

Good Friday is a day of remembrance.

We look back on Christ mocked by the Establishment and his people for failing to be what they expected AND desired.

The expectations for a great warrior king descending from Heaven to annihilate the enemies of Israel and set the people free were high.

Instead reality gave them an unremarkable-looking man, born with little fanfare in a barn to a carpenter & his wife, who gave himself over to execution reserved for criminals without resistance.

Our emotions go through a roller-coaster figuring out how to feel when we expect too much and reality gives us too little.

But appearances are deceiving, as we all are aware.

The Cross is our protection from the consequences of sin and Christ’s sacrifice is our freedom from its stains.

On the outside this coat looks like a poor example of protection from the elements, however the inside is a clean white that is smooth to the touch.

From the ruins of Earthly defeat, Christ conquered and achieved Divine victory.

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