Welcome 2021! Here Are Some Christmas Card Designs

Hello 2021! I know we’ve just met, but I had just ended a very contentious relationship with 2020 and am eager to meet a new year, lol.

So today I thought I’d display some Christmas cards I made and sent. This is a recent thing I started because a creative & crafty person like myself SHOULD be making Christmas cards to send every year.

Alright so here is the Christmas Card I created in 2019:

Christmas Card 2019 Front
Christmas Card 2019 Back

Feel free to roll over these photos to zoom in on the details!

This idea I borrowed from a painting I did for, of all things a Christmas card design contest a long time ago. Click HERE to check that out for reference.

Since this is a crowd that is excellent at traditional landscape paintings, I went out of the box with my entry and depicted a part of downtown Allentown inspired by sticker art graffiti I’ve encountered in my city travels. Here I pieced together the card by hand, cutting/gluing glitter cardstock shaped into stars and Santa’s sleigh on top of printed black & white vectored images and topped it off with glittered glue dots for snowflakes. Not bad for a first try at card crafting!

Now here is my official Christmas Card for 2020:

Christmas Card 2020 Front
Christmas Card 2020 Back

Feel free to roll over these photos for a zoom-in look at the details too!

Due to time constraints I was not able to craft this past year’s Christmas card by hand. However, I learned about Staples’s print services offering 30% OFF on custom photo cards, so I took advantage and put my graphic design skills to the test. I was able to whip up this design with some help from Photoshop and my new pet cat as a model in one night, order my cards at Staples’s web site and picked them up the next day. Not going to lie, I was impressed by the swiftness of this move and it was pretty inexpensive to do too, so MAYBE I’ll take this route for my next Christmas card project or I’ll combine professional printing and my crafting skills into one mind-blowing card design.

Fortunately I’ll have 11 months to figure that out, lol.

Thanks and stay tuned for my next post!

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