Accessories Patterns

Here is the gallery for all my accessories patterns.

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Row 01, left to right: McCalls Backpacks/Messenger Bags M6410, McCalls Cosmetic Travel Bags M7395, Simplicity Cosmetic Travel Bags 1153

Row 02, left to right: Simplicity Home Storage Baskets 1214, Simplicity Obi Belt 4080, Simplicity Diaper Bag and Changing Mat 8031

Row 03, left to right: BurdaStyle Large/Small Handbags 7119, Butterick Backpack and Travel Bags B6072, McCalls Tech Accessories, Wallet, Sunglass Case and Keychain M5012

Row 04, left to right: Simplicity Ruffled Scarf 1444, Simplicity Wrap, Scarf, Peplum Belt and Neckties 1498, Simplicity Baby Toys 1681

Row 05, left to right: Simplicity Beach Tote Bag 5103, Butterick quilted purses/tote bags B5834, McCalls gloves in 6 variations, gaiters, stockings and boot covers in 2 varieties MP281

Row 06, left to right: Simplicity Kimono Belt 8318, Simplicity Waist Cincher in 4 varieties 8129, McCalls Decorative Throw Pillows in 4 Varieties M7174

Row 07, left to right: Simplicity Doggie Plush Toy with Accessories 1083, Simplicity 1960s Vintage Head and Neck Accessories 5227, Simplicity Fold Over Clutches and Tote Bags 8028

Row 08, left to right: Simplicity 1930s Vintage Sleeve Variations 8506, Simplicity Shrugs in 2 varieties with 2 Clutch design varieties and Scarf 8530, McCalls ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen costume belt M6941

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