Accessories Patterns

Here is the gallery for all my accessories patterns.

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Row 01, left to right: McCalls Backpacks/Messenger Bags M6410, McCalls Cosmetic Travel Bags M7395, Simplicity Cosmetic Travel Bags 1153

Row 02, left to right: Simplicity Home Storage Baskets 1214, Simplicity Obi Belt 4080, Simplicity Diaper Bag and Changing Mat 8031

Row 03, left to right: BurdaStyle Large/Small Handbags 7119, Butterick Backpack and Travel Bags B6072, McCalls Tech Accessories, Wallet, Sunglass Case and Keychain M5012

Row 04, left to right: Simplicity Ruffled Scarf 1444, Simplicity Wrap, Scarf, Peplum Belt and Neckties 1498, Simplicity Baby Toys 1681

Row 05, left to right: Simplicity Beach Tote Bag 5103, Butterick quilted purses/tote bags B5834, McCalls gloves in 6 variations, gaiters, stockings and boot covers in 2 varieties MP281

Row 06, left to right: Simplicity Kimono Belt 8318, Simplicity Waist Cincher in 4 varieties 8129, McCalls Decorative Throw Pillows in 4 Varieties M7174

Row 07, left to right: Simplicity Doggie Plush Toy with Accessories 1083, Simplicity 1960s Vintage Head and Neck Accessories 5227, Simplicity Fold Over Clutches and Tote Bags 8028

Row 08, left to right: Simplicity 1930s Vintage Sleeve Variations 8506, Simplicity Shrugs in 2 varieties with 2 Clutch design varieties and Scarf 8530, McCalls ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen costume belt M6941

Row 09, left to right: McCalls Costumes hoop skirt and neck pieces M7306, Simplicity Vintage 1960s purse with applique option and knee-length spats in 3 design variations 9553, Vogue gloves in 9 varieties V8311

Row 10, left to right: Vogue Katherine Brenne clutch purses in 2 designs V9164, Vogue Tafa belts in 5 varieties V9222, Butterick ‘Retro 50’ vintage 1950s shawl with/without ruffled hems B6454

Row 11, left to right: McCall’s ‘Evening Elegance’ caplets and shrugs 3033, McCall’s bridal veils in 6 varying styles and lengths 4126, McCall’s ‘Evening Elegance’ rectangle scarf 9681

Row 12, left to right: Simplicity vintage 1960s accessories set including: reversible beret, pillbox hat, 2 scarf designs, clutch bag and rosette brooch 4178, Simplicity vintage 1960s hat design set including: pointed shape, cloche with outside tucks and pillbox with top trim options 4677, Simplicity 18th Century bum pad undergarment 8162

Row 13, left to right: McCall’s ‘Forme Millinery Co.’ steampunk-style hats in 5 designs M7335, McCall’s ‘Kathryn Brenne Original’ steampunk-style shoe spats in 6 designs M7706, McCall’s steampunk-style accessories including hats, chaps, holsters, pouches and harnesses M7176

Row 14, left to right: McCall’s 19th Century Victorian Suit-style dickey options and bow tie M7853, Simplicity ‘Arrivestry Haunt Couture’ steampunk/Victorian stylized hats in 4 designs 8361, Simplicity ‘Karen Fleisch Designs’ shrugs and caplet in several design variations 8719

Row 15, left to right: Simplicity medieval-style costume belt S8866, Simplicity Asian Fantasy Snow Queen corset and wrap S8971, Simplicity pointy witches’ hat and belted corset S9006

Row 16, left to right: Simplicity Tudor Renaissance style women’s royal arm and wrist bands S9090, Simplicity Tudor Renaissance Era men’s hat S9096, Simplicity vintage chef costume apron and chef’s hat S9164

Row 17, left to right: Simplicity ‘dress-style’ aprons in 3 design variations S8857, Simplicity dog jackets in 4 variations S8861, Simplicity hot & cold compresses for wrists, eyes and shoulders S9331

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