Pants Patterns

Here is the gallery for the pants patterns.

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Row 01, left to right: Butterick drawstring pajama pants/shorts B6296, Kwik Sew dancewear leggings K3661, McCalls flowy pleated culotte/shorts/palazzo pants M7131

Row 02, left to right: Simplicity knit pants 1070, Simplicity leggings 1104, Simplicity leggings 1280

Row 03, left to right: Simplicity pants 1325, Simplicity shorts with scalloped hem option and angular paneled skorts 1370, Simplicity pants in 2 lengths 1559

Row 04, left to right: Simplicity knit sweatpants/joggers and drawstring lounge pants with cargo pocket option 2061, Simplicity knit flared pants 8058, Vogue dress pants in 3 varieties and 2 lengths V8955

Row 05, left to right: Vogue semi-fitted tapered pants with back zipper V8983, Burda Young flared pants 7738, Burda Young skinny pants in 3 lengths 7823

Row 06, left to right: Butterick structured culottes with 2 lengths and pleat variations Butterick B6178, Butterick slightly tapered and tapered pants with back pocket option B6327, McCalls wide leg pants M6519

Row 07, left to right: McCalls straight leg and bootcut jeans M6610, McCalls tapered pants with side front pockets M6711, Simplicity pull-on pants 0683

Row 08, left to right: Simplicity pull-on pants and shorts 1428, Simplicity dancewear shorts in 2 waist height options 1444, Simplicity knit wide leg pull-on pants 2369

Row 09, left to right: Simplicity pirate costume breeches and wide leg cropped pants 3677, Simplicity slim leg shorts, capris and pants 3850, Simplicity tie waist pants and shorts 5103

Row 10, left to right: Simplicity straight leg pants 8137, Simplicity wide-leg pants 8177, Butterick Lisette slightly flared wide-leg pants or cropped wide-leg pants B6183

Row 11, left to right: Vogue straight-leg trousers V1467, BurdaYoung mid-rise tapered jeans 6798, BurdaStyle sheer/solid lounge shorts 7186

Row 12, left to right: Kwik Sew basic lounge shorts K2589, Kwik Sew athletic skort K4113, McCalls leggings in 3 varieties M6173

Row 13, left to right: McCalls trouser-like skirts & culottes in 3 varieties each M7475, McCalls flared and skinny trouser-like pants M7547, Simplicity Amazing Fit straight leg trouser pants 2860

Row 14, left to right: Simplicity Amazing Fit flared leg trouser pants 8056, Simplicity pull-on pants 8265, Simplicity martial arts costume hakama pants 8318

Row 15, left to right: Kwik Sew drawstring running shorts K4181, McCalls paneled leggings M7578, McCalls joggers and drawstring shorts M7610

Row 16, left to right: Vogue 1960 vintage high-waisted shorts V9255, McCalls athleisure shorts and pants M7634, Simplicity family sleepwear pajama pants 1504

Row 17, left to right: Simplicity ‘Up For Any Thing’ leggings in 4 varieties 8212, Simplicity ‘Raise The Barre’ leggings in 3 styles 8424, Vogue ladies sleepwear shorts V8888

Row 18, left to right: Simplicity ‘Easy To Sew’ ladies and girls waist-tie pants 8390, McCalls flowy-style pants with leg variation and waist sash option M7661, BurdaStyle slim ankle-length pantsuit with 2 blazer design options 6985

Row 19, left to right: Simplicity Up For Anything leggings in 2 lengths with pocket and stirrup options 8561, BurdaStyle culotte shorts with front wrap option and pantskirt 6980, Simplicity shorts with wrap skirt overlay in 2 hem lengths 8343

Row 20, left to right: Simplicity ‘Mimi G Style’ high-waisted tapered and flared pants 8655, McCalls Costumes shorts with tiered ruffle option M7306, Simplicity pants with elastic hem option and front waist-tie shorts 1887

Row 21, left to right: Simplicity culottes 8175, Simplicity elastic pants with drawstring and side stripe option 8698, McCalls loose tapered trousers and culottes M7876

Row 22, left to right: McCalls paper bag high-waisted tapered pants in 2 lengths with wide-leg pants in 2 lengths and sash option M7726, Simplicity loungewear straight leg pants with elastic waistband 8800, Simplicity elastic waistband pants with 2 leg options and shorts in 2 lengths 1165

Row 23, left to right: McCalls wide-leg pants in 4 different styles and cargo pocket option M7907, Simplicity 1940s vintage high-waisted shorts with side button closure S8932, McCalls shorts in 2 lengths and ankle-length pants with heart-shaped back pockets and scalloped hem options M6930

Row 24, left to right: Simplicity 1970s vintage ‘Jiffy’ wrap waist-tie pants/shorts 5124, Vogue ‘Eclipse Color Block’ straight-leg pants V9079, McCall’s slim pants with back zipper and side pockets 3028

Row 25, left to right: Simplicity @Home Easy-to-Sew sleepwear pajama pants and shorts 5933, Simplicity summer wide-leg pull-on pants in 2 lengths S8926, Simplicity ‘Surf Club’ pull-on pants in 2 lengths 8578

Row 26, left to right: McCall’s paper bag elastic waist shorts and pants with sash and wrap skirt overlay option M8118, Simplicity ‘Karen Fleisch Designs’ bloomer shorts in several design variations 8719, McCall’s ‘Abbie’ paneled tapered pants with button-down front fly and hem slit option M8045

Row 27, left to right: McCall’s pull-on wide leg pants M7757, Simplicity ‘Super Jiffy’ pull-on pants 1133, Simplicity Menswear activewear pull-on pants and shorts 8705

Row 28, left to right: McCall’s straight leg ankle length pants with ruffled hem option M7937, Simplicity unisex jogger sweatpants and shorts S9337, Vogue vintage 1970s ‘Very Easy’ tennis elastic pull-on shorts with embellishment option 8257

Row 29, left to right: Simplicity front tie skort S9335, Simplicity knit pull-on bike shorts with back cell phone pocket and skort S9336

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