Tops Patterns

Here is the gallery for the tops patterns.

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Row 01, left to right: Butterick cowl-neck blouse in 3 sleeve variations and belt B4132, Butterick semi-fitted pullover top with sleeve, peter pan collar, and scalloped hem options B6175, Butterick buttoned pajama shirt in 2 sleeve lengths B6296

Row 02, left to right: Kwik Sew 3/4 length sleeve scoop neck leotard K3661, McCalls pullover blouse with draped back and insert /sleeve variations M7051, McCalls knit henley top M6747

Row 03, left to right: McCalls t-shirt with v/crew neck options and 3 sleeve lengths M6964, McCalls lightweight button-down shirt with front pocket/sleeveless option M6436, McCalls School Uniform costume short sleeve button-down shirt with scarf tie option M7141

Row 04, left to right: McCalls turtleneck top with 3 sleeve lengths and cowl neck option M6796, Simplicity sleeveless peplum tunic 1104, Simplicity sleeveless flared top with back tie 1105

Row 05, left to right: Simplicity lightweight tunic with keyhole collar and handkerchief hem/mock wrap front option 1280, Simplicity 1960s vintage boatneck top with belt/sleeve option 1364, Simplicity camisole and short sleeve blouse 1366

Row 06, left to right: Simplicity knit wide neck top in 2 lengths 1070, Simplicity long sleeved knit top and sleeveless tunic 1325, Vogue cap sleeved tunic with front button placket and pockets V8983

Row 07, left to right: Butterick loose pullover top with hem/sleeve length options B3383, McCalls loose pullover top with pocket M6519, McCalls loose sleeveless pullover top M6711

Row 08, left to right: McCalls knit close fitted flared top with 3 sleeve lengths M6754, Simplicity knit tunic with strap/hem variations 0589, Simplicity off-shoulder peasant top 0912

Row 09, left to right: Simplicity pleated neck blouse with sleeve/hem options 1253, Simplicity knit wrap top 2369, Simplicity pirate peasant top in 2 varieties 3677

Row 10, left to right: Simplicity loose poncho beach cover-up top 5103, Simplicity loose spaghetti strap top 8132, Simplicity wrap top with sleeve option 8137

Row 11, left to right: Simplicity sleeveless leotard and short sleeve crop top 1444, Simplicity button-down shirt with 3 sleeve lengths and hem options 1422, Simplicity button-down semi-fitted shirt with front pocket option 1538

Row 12, left to right: Simplicity knit sweatshirt with decorative/sleeve length options 1317, Simplicity tunic with length variations 0683, Simplicity fitted woven blouse with 2 sleeve options and 4 collar options 8061

Row 13, left to right: Simplicity long sleeve knit top 8054, Simplicity knit t-shirt in 2 sleeve lengths 8177, McCalls long sleeved color-block top M6792

Row 14, left to right:  Vogue buttoned-down shirt/blouse with decorative cuff/bodice/collar options V9029, Butterick Lisette semi-fitted short sleeve top with seams and an exposed back zipper B6183, Butterick tunic with ruched hem and pleated embellishment options B6170

Row 15, left to right:  BurdaStyle sheer/solid camisole 7186, Kwik Sew basic camisole K2589, Kwik Sew athletic tank top K4113

Row 16, left to right:  McCalls knit overlay top in 2 varieties with 2 sleeve lengths M7247, McCalls off-shoulder bodysuits with 2 sleeve lengths and shoulder strap option M7608, Simplicity peplum blouses with 5 neckline varieties and cap sleeve option 1425

Row 17, left to right: Simplicity knit tops with back flap in 5 varieties 8260, Simplicity Cynthia Rowley sleeveless one-shoulder peplum top 8380, Simplicity knit long-sleeved top 8265

Row 18, left to right: Simplicity martial arts costume kimono with detachable neckband 8318, Kwik Sew athletic knit tank/crop top K4181, McCalls athletic tank top and sports bra M7578

Row 19, left to right: McCalls loose button-down sleeveless top in 6 lengths and variations M7603, McCalls athletic knit sleeveless top with 3 back design varieties M7610, Simplicity strapless corset 1183

Row 20, left to right: Simplicity 1950s Vintage bra top in 4 variations 1426, Simplicity 1950s Vintage bustier/corset top in 4 varieties 8130, Simplicity Learn To Sew loose fit short sleeve top in 3 options 8335

Row 21, left to right: Simplicity sports bra in 3 variations 8339, Simplicity Cynthia Rowley off-shoulder top in 2 varieties 8381, Simplicity knit top in 3 varieties with neck band option 8386

Row 22, left to right: Vogue statement sleeved blouse in 6 varieties V9243, Vogue 1960 Vintage bra top in 2 varieties and cover-up V9255, McCalls sleeveless tops with overlay options M7389

Row 23, left to right: McCalls knit tops with gathered criss-cross overlay M7249, McCalls knit top with layered criss-cross overlay M7538, McCalls hoodie sweatshirt tops with 2 neckline styles M7634

Row 24, left to right: Simplicity family sleepwear pajama shirt 1504, Simplicity ‘Up For Any Thing’ knit tops in 4 variations 8423, Simplicity ‘Raise The Barre’ wrap top, camisole and pullover top 8424

Row 25, left to right: Simplicity ‘Madalynne’ Henley bodysuit with sleeve option 8435, Simplicity bodysuits in 5 different styles 8513, Simplicity sweater tops in 4 varieties 8529

Row 26, left to right: Vogue ladies sleepwear lace-trimmed camisole V8888, McCalls ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen costume with tabard in 2 variations M6941, McCalls back button-up blouses in 6 varieties M7687

Row 27, left to right: McCalls cold-shoulder knit tops with neckline and sleeve varieties M7686, BurdaStyle front-knotted knit top and dress with 2 sleeve options 6911, Simplicity sheer dress and top with chemise and camisole 8545

Row 28, left to right: Simplicity sports knit bras in 2 Styles 8560, Simplicity crop tops with 3 design options and pleated skirt with 2 length options and sash 8609, Simplicity Easy-To-Sew front tie blouses with sleeve options 8601

Row 29, left to right: Vogue v-neck draped bodysuit with 3 sleeve lengths V9298, Simplicity off-shoulder shirt top/tunic with sleeve and waistband options 8550, Simplicity ‘A Night To Remember’ gown top with 5 design options 8598

Row 30, left to right: Simplicity 1950s vintage sleeveless tops with back button closure and halter top options 8645, Simplicity ‘Mimi G Style’ front-tie crop blouse 8655


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