Jumpsuit Patterns

Here is the gallery for the jumpsuit patterns.

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Row 01, left to right: Butterick knit zippered jumpsuit/romper with drawstring waistband and hood option B6298, McCalls front button closure jumpsuit/romper with 3 leg options and 2 sleeve options M6969, McCalls loose-fitting jumpsuit/romper with mock wrap blouson bodice and 2 sleeve options M7099

Row 02, left to right: Simplicity utility jumpsuit/romper with drawstring waistband 8060, Vogue short sleeve culotte jumpsuit V9075, Simplicity off-shoulder romper 0912

Row 03, left to right: Simplicity sleeveless jumpsuit/romper with 2 bodice varieties 1355, Simplicity sleeveless jumpsuit in 2 leg widths 8178, McCalls spaghetti strap culotte jumpsuit/romper with v-neck collar M7156

Row 04, left to right: McCalls utility jumpsuit/romper with 3 sleeve lengths/pocket options M7330, McCalls front/back overlay jumpsuit/romper in 2 lengths and scalloped overlay hem option M7409, Butterick sleeveless wide-leg jumpsuit with overlay back and elastic back waistband B6351

Row 05, left to right: McCalls overalls in 2 leg lengths M7547, McCalls off-shoulder jumpsuit & romper in 2 varieties each M7609, Simplicity Project Runway neck-tie jumpsuit with 2 leg options 8214

Row 06, left to right: McCalls overalls and sleeveless jumpsuit M7626, McCalls one-shoulder jumpsuit & romper in 3 varieties  and tie-strapped sleeveless jumpsuit M7632, Vogue jumpsuit/romper with sheer overlay options and long-sleeved jumpsuit with sash V9160

Row 07, left to right: Kwik Sew full body leotard in leg and sleeve-length varieties and front zipper option K3052, McCalls jumpsuit with strap, sheer and off-the-shoulder bodice options M7728, McCalls loose-fitting jumpsuit/romper with front-tie and sleeve/hem length options M7756

Row 08, left to right: Simplicity spaghetti-strap backless jumpsuit/romper 8635, McCalls sleeveless jumpsuit/romper with waist-tie sash and front wrap option M7788, McCalls sleeveless cutout wide-leg jumpsuit with strapless option M7789

Row 09, left to right: Simplicity Costumes long-sleeved jumpsuit with front zipper closure 8286, McCalls ‘Create It’ sleeveless knit jumpsuit with 3 pant and 4 bodice options M7910, McCalls front zipper romper and jumpsuits with collar & sleeve options M7908

Row 10, left to right: McCalls ‘Learn to Sew’ halter strap sleeveless romper/jumpsuit in 4 variations M7755, McCall’s ‘Fashion Basics’ loose-fitting empire waist jumpsuit in 2 lengths with pleated front tucks, split skirt, side seam pockets and optional shoulder pads 6754, McCall’s gathered jumpsuit/romper with fitted waistband and options for sleeve and pant design M8009

Row 11, left to right: McCall’s ‘Trudy’ button-front jumpsuit/romper with buckled belt and options for elastic pant leg and pockets M8046, McCall’s ‘Natala’ sleeveless button-front belted jumpsuit with side front pockets and options for strapless bodice and cropped pant legs M8101, Vogue pull-on sleeveless jumpsuit/romper with bodice extending into tie ends and side seam pockets V1708

Row 12, left to right: Simplicity unisex flight suit/jumpsuit with cargo pockets and hood option 8722, McCall’s ‘Create Your Own Look’ ‘Edie’ knit jumpsuit and romper with bodice and pant leg options M8047, Simplicity ‘Mimi G Style’ sleeveless ‘tuxedo-style’ jumpsuit with halter neckline S9097

Row 13, left to right: Simplicity ‘Cynthia Rowley’ sleeveless jumpsuit and romper with D-ring shoulder straps S9151, Simplicity vintage 1970s ‘Super Jiffy’ strapless elastic jumpsuit and romper 9295, Simplicity vintage 1970s ‘Super Jiffy’ sleeveless romper with front zipper closure 9973

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